Cheap, dirty brown weed from mexico sold in Texas.
Stoner: Yo, mon! Got any KGB?

Drug Dealer: Nah, just some crappy Tex Mex.

Stoner: Cool. I'll take an ounce. I'm going to bake a big batch of brownies and give them to my sister to share with her 3rd grade class.
by Tim Jerome February 19, 2008
Top Definition
1) The characteristically spicy style of Mexican food of Texas, influenced by non-Mexican cuisine (i.e. Texas barbecue).

2) The style of norteño (northern Mexican) music associated with South Texas; also known as Tejano. Instruments used include the accordion and the bajo sexto (a twelve-string bass-rhythm guitar).
We're going out for some Tex-Mex food tonight in San Antonio, so bring your Pepto-Bismol.
by LudwigVan December 12, 2003
Anything of mixed Texan and Mexican heritage, especially food and music.
Biff: Let's grab some Mexcian food, dude!
Juan: Sure, but you can't find the real deal in these parts. We'll have to settle for some Tex Mex.
by Steve Deere April 07, 2008
Food. It's food people. Kickass Mexican food, with a Texas twist. Can be found at places such as El Chico's.

The difference between Tex-Mex and (authentic) Mexican food, is that Tex-Mex has more flavor.
She didn't like the bland enchiladas at Los Rojo's, but the ones at the new Tex-Mex place had a lot of zip.
by Mimiko May 18, 2003
A type of food and a type of language spoken mostly by people living in South Texas, not really full spanish, but there is some spanish in there.
"My Grandma speaks Tex-Mex, not full spanish so she can't help me with my homework."
by AgEvan September 30, 2007
relating to a blend of Texan and Mexican cultures or cuisines.
Let's visit the Tex-Mex eatery.
by uttam maharjan October 02, 2010
An unpleasant from of computer based parasite that afflicts online discussion forums. It causes an overabundabce of self-indulget gibberish and a stubborn refusal to admit that anything it has said is in any way wrong.
Call technical support my computer has gone TexMex.
by Calvin Andhobbs April 03, 2007
A kickass flash artist, 1/2 Mexican.
"OMG, that flash animation Texmex just made is win!"
by BrynTheSkits March 19, 2007
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