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Another name for tea. Mostly used in the UK.
Would you like another cup of tetley mate?
by TheMightyCopyCat October 03, 2006
10 4
When Someone Tea Bags Someone While They are Sleeping
Hey, Did you give her Tetley Or Red Rose Last night?
by bk1122 September 20, 2011
3 2
An annoying turd that won't go away but hangs aroung forever.
Oh some one fetch me the bog brush i've just done a floater,a bit of tetley,I will have to break it up with a stick.
by wilkins19 January 15, 2010
6 5
A moist flavorsome fart.
That fart was a right Tetley. "let the flavor flood out"
by Flibblesan February 25, 2008
8 10