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Unintentional death on account of choking on gonads.
Cause of death: Testicular Manslaughter
by CrowFace October 07, 2006
A severe, public emasculation by a significant other.
John's wife committed testicular manslaughter when she had him return tampons to the drug store.
by Reginald Beckwith December 13, 2010
an occasion when some one is killed only by the use of one's testicles. usually done by well hung testicles and blunt force or choking.
i tea bagged your mom so hard i was charged with testicular manslaughter when they found her body.
by rocky wolf April 03, 2010
The act of killing someone or placing said person in a pain-induced coma via extreme blunt-force trauma to the balls. Additional injuries besides popped testicles often includes a bruised or broken pelvis. Death is usually of a heart attack brought on by shock due to the incredible pain that is felt within the first few seconds of receiving the injury.
Dude... That guy's not breathing...
What? No way... All I did was hit him in the junk.
With what? You're grandma's fruitcake?
.... A sledgehammer.
WHAT!?! Dude! That's testicular manslaughter!
Dude, chill... It was in self-defense so-
FUCK THAT! This guy is dead... Where's the sledgehammer you used?
Right here, why?
Grab it because we're getting the fuck outta here!
by H4v0c December 25, 2011
Any contact on the male genitalia that is vicious and uncalled for and causes pain, Done by Accident or on Purpose. That act usually causes the victim to drop to the ground, clutching his junk.
Did you see that testicular manslaughter?? That ball went STRAIGHT for that guys junk.

Did you hear about John and his Testicular Manslaughter?? That should teach him not to cheat on his girlfriend.
by Kannon Kadaver February 25, 2010
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