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a wonderful girl, loves to sing, is dorky at times but beautiful, if you ever date her never let her go, she will complete your life if you have a hole in your heart find Tessa
dude#1:"hey i met a girl named Tessa today we're seeing a movie on friday"

dude#2:"dude don't let her go i've heard she is incredible. so incredible that i might steal her from you so watch out"
by AnonomusGal99901 July 03, 2012
19 7
One of the most beautiful women you will ever meet. She will make you call her a jew, have amazing days, and she will make you fall in love with her. You will eventually learn that you two are not meant for each other and become best friends. Oh, and she also loves when you give her massages.
My best-friend, Tessa, is coming to the skate park with me. Are you going to come as well?
by beastbuddyandaunicorn October 29, 2012
12 4
The most badass bitch you'll ever meet. She has an odd obsession with pictures of people with animal heads, but she's the greatest nonetheless.
- "That chick was such a Tessa!"
- "I know, man, I've never met such a Tessa in my life."
by jajajajajackmyswag July 10, 2011
22 15
Sexy ass Girl that's got a fine ass body that most guys want to grab. But only certain guys attract her. Usually this type of Tessa Loves playing video games with you. And if you are lucky to get your hands on one, you'll probably want to lock her up because she will always be worth keep. And if your even more lucky, she will be some form or European Decent, Italian is usually best, because she can cook you meatballs and later treat your "Meatballs"
"Wow look at that chick over there, damnnnn! Fine ass and the whole package"

"Yo that's Tessa! Fucking shieeeet"

"I'd like to have some of that Tortellini"
by Mr.McSwagger October 21, 2013
9 3
A girl that is so perfect.

She usually has a Tumblr and roleplays but if you can get her away from it she is an amazing person who likes to tinychat with her friends.
WOAH, you're such a Tessa.
by grace<3 July 15, 2012
11 5
A beautiful girl, inside and out, who is looking for the right guy to sweep her off of her feet. She's also smart, funny, and very mature, at times. Although she may feel alone most of the time, many people are there to support her through anything. She has to know somebody for a long period of time before she begins to get close to someone. A Tessa is shy but once you get to know her, she shines like a glistening star on a clear night. She has a temper at times and can be very irritable. People try to stay on her good side. A Tessa can only be close to few people at a time but those dew people have a great meaning to her. She's very kind and polite. No one could be a better partner than her.
What an amazing young woman. Must be a Tessa. Please marry me!
by wordsom December 08, 2013
2 1