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The act of being terrified.
Lindsay: Were you scared to come into our apartment?

David: huh? what makes you say that?

Lindsay: It had a super scary pumpkin outside and spooky spider webs!

David: oh yeah. i was terrified. i forgot i guess.. probably a side effect of being so terrified

Lindsay: Hmm...perhaps. I'll go with it...amnesia related to terrification. That's my nursing diagnosis.
by TarponSlayer October 12, 2010
Appearing larger than life's largesse
Appear brusque and unintelligible to equal terrification.
by Hercolena Oliver April 20, 2009
everything scary about something, everything terrifying about something
Tyler didn't want to pull the cord on the swing at the amusement park because he knew all the terrifications
by ImHungry9811 June 27, 2010
The act or state of being terrified.
Michael: I'm really scared dude. My chest hurts so bad.
Justin: Maybe you should see a specialist soon.
Michael: I'm terrified.
Justin: Terrification doesn't solve problems.
by Justin Bellflower July 10, 2010
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