Where rich people get banned for no reason and players can't get money.
RichPerson was banned for being on an admin account!!!!!!!!!!

RichPerson: No I wasn't.
Noob1: I agree!
Noob2: I agree as well!
Admin: RichPerson was on there, we got proof that's based on illegal actions that we can't show you, RichPerson will never be unbanned.
Noob1: Terraworld sucks!
by bobthesmiley August 21, 2006
A 2d game that was made using SHOCKWAVE only. It is a true rip-off of runescape, and is in 2d.

It is a good place to shout out the world waffle.

It also has an auto-mute server.
-you have been muted because we hate you.
-the game will now crash.
by Master Hogginsworth March 12, 2005
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