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A neckbeard with Asperger's syndrome. These are among the least socially adapted members of nerd society, and typically only leave the house for comic book releases and large gaming conventions, where they can be quickly identified by their strong smell.
"We kicked Joey out of our DnD group since he was a total spergbeard. Not even the other nerds liked him."
by awiergan September 05, 2012
Someone who is both a grognard and a neckbeard. These are among the lowest of the nerds on the scrotum-pole of nerdology.
Two nerds are playing Warhammer 40k.

Grogbeard: You only get a 3+ armor save if you're wearing Astartes Power Armor. Quit cheating or I'm going to tell the judge on you.
Ordinary Nerd: Dude, quit being such a grogbeard.
by awiergan September 05, 2012

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