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2 farting, flapping Canadians who look and sound funny.They are very popular in South Park.
Say Terrance, what did the Spanish priest say to the Iranian gynaecologist?
"I don't know Phillip, what?
by Hompsar February 18, 2004
Paul McCartney is this.
The Walrus was Paul
by Hompsar March 10, 2004
John Lennon+Yoko Ono+bored=Revolution 9.A strange collection of sound played backwards and screwy all over the joint.Is on Disc 2, track 12 of the White Album.
Number nine, number nine, number nine...
by Hompsar February 18, 2004
A fad on LUE that is usually expected to show up at least once and any topic.Especially serious ones or Pr0n links.
"OMG LUEshi?Expected/10
by Hompsar February 18, 2004
Only liars and thieves eat Grumblecakes.And those people go to prison.Just ask The Cheat
I'll give you half a grumblecake if you say something smart.
by Hompsar February 18, 2004

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