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A very tiny penis no larger than a pinky nail, not to be mistaken for a small chode.
Instead of sucking my dick i told her to lick her finger and blow on my erect Tenis.
by Clinte Wood April 03, 2009
1.Replacing any insult, depleting any words that end in -enis.

2.Used to describe an unfortunate event that ended horribly.

3.A huge catastrophe, or mess.
1.Look at that creepy tenis, he should be charged for sexual harassment the way he is staring at those women.

2.My day was such a tenis, first i had a pop quiz in chemistry and then I went home only to find my mother reading my failing report card.

3.Lizzy and Ana both made a sticky tenis and had to clean it all up after they were through fooling around.
by BORETOS21 December 13, 2010
A Mash-up Of Testicals and Penis. So people can refer to it as a whole.
"Tenis" is a mashup of Testicals and Penis! It's SLANG
by Fun Ghoul March 31, 2011
A tiny, small, or miniscule penis.

Pronounced: Tee-nis.
"Jonathon, does your tenis hurt?"
by Jacobean January 06, 2007
Pronounced ''Tee-niss'' A word to describe the unfortunate circumstance of a person (male) being born un-hung, I.E not allot in the trouser department.
We were drunk the other night and that Umer got his ''tenis'' out.
by onephat February 09, 2010
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