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The Sexiest Minx out

Typically lives in maroubra, has good taste in music and clothing, is a little bit of a skank, but is tres chic and very classy

Also know as ten: because she is the epitome of ten
Person 1: Goddamn! That chicks a stunner!
Person 2: Must be Teneille!
by xxxsexxx December 02, 2007
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1-A dam beautiful woman (or girl) belonging to a person named aaron
2-A dam beautiful woman (or girl) that is the nicest person you'll ever meet
3-Someone who runs around bray trying to steal people's lunchmoney
1-Hey look its aaron's girlfriend, I wish i was her, she's so beautiful
2-Hey bro, that Teneille chick is the nicest girl i've ever met
3-Hey here comes Teneille, run away or she'll steal our lunch money
by Ech November 22, 2005

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