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The retard who collects the trollies in the local supermarket, or helps you pack your groceries whilst dribbling into the carrier bag!
'Hey Hey Stand back dude, I think this guy may be drunk'

'Nah, he's just a Ten Percenter, leave him be'
by MongyMax November 02, 2007
A "Ten Percenter" is a frequent patron of casinos and horse/dog racing tracks who will cash your winnings

(if over the $600 taxable limit) for you, putting himself down as the winner, then paying you.

For this service, the Ten Percenter charges you 10%.

That way, you do not have to report the winnings.

This practice is illegal, but it happens. If you are
"connected", you will know who the Ten Percenters are.
Mikey: "I just won 5 g's on the 10 horse !"
Bob: "what's that after taxes ?"
Mikey: "taxes ? I'll giv it to Vin.

He's the Ten Percenter in this joint."
by baby shanks777 March 07, 2011
Someone who owns 10% of an actual fee or salary, like a Hollywood agent.
That actor is doing nicely, I wouldn't mind to be his ten percenter.
by Daaaan April 29, 2010