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A person who is new at a profession or sport, therefore inexperienced and underrated.
From the dutch word 'broekie', meaning 'little pants' or 'short pants'.
The rookie started the day with cleaning all the guns while his more experienced collegues went out to hunt bad guys.
by Daanweb January 17, 2013
A door, usually a front door, with am upper and a lower half that can be opened aor locked together and seperately.
His girlfriend was waiting for him in the Dutch door, leaning on the lower part while the top half was open.
by Daanweb June 01, 2011
Adapting an image, usually of a person, in a way that it resembles the 2008 Obama Campaign 'Hope' poster by Shepard Fairey.
After Romneys remark about cutting funds for PBS, the internet started hope posterizing images of Big Bird.
by Daanweb October 11, 2012
A not very internet savvy person that forwards and reposts commercial viral videos thinking they are home made and sooooo funny, not realising she's a tool in a commercial campaign.
Hey viral whore, stop sending me this car commercials. they are not funny!
by Daanweb December 11, 2011
masturbating while watching images of World of Dance, especially with teen and preteen contestants.
I don't trust that guy, I think he's wodding on youtube video's.
by Daanweb May 31, 2011
A fake flash mob. A surprise performance by a group that is presented as a flash mob in a video, for instance on youtube. a surprise performance is planned, choreographed and rehersed with a fixed number of people. Flash mobs are not, since flash mobs are a test to the strenght of a social network, very much like stage diving is a test to the social coherence of the audience, the more people show up at a flash mob, the better the original idea and the network is.
What that video shows is just a trash mob; they all look the same and everybody has his or her own spot to dance.
by Daanweb December 11, 2011

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