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Teggy is a shortned form of "Integra" one of the phatest Japanese cars out there, I own one, represent VAN-C!
"Yo Tito, you see that turbo-teggy smoke that 5 litre? no dilly-o for dat homeie-G! WORD!
by Fo-Real November 10, 2003
the white things in your mouth that let you chew your food properly - your teeth!
right, it's bedtime, I'm off to brush my teggies
phew your breath stinks, go brush yer teggies
by Paul Mason August 15, 2007
A car enthusiast who is obsessed with Integras.
Ash: Lol I just put a new hood on my teg, can't wait for my exhaust to come in the mail!

You: God you're such a teggy.
by Ashent June 27, 2006
when someone hates on u!
I was doing this girl and this guy was being a teggy and told her that her mom was outside
by teggy louie June 29, 2010
Tesco chain store. Bit like Moggos only dunt have that bloke out of Eastenders in the adverts and is a bit more classy.
"ave you seen that bloody pole section in Teggies!?"
by teggieslover14840 January 12, 2008
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