The delicate and calculated balance of altered perception due to the combination of marijuana and alcohol usage. It is almost an art form.
Chad is the ultimate source for any information on teetering. He invented it and practices it daily. Smoke a bowl, chug a beer, you're in control.
by Mike the Wizard January 26, 2008
Top Definition
the act of bending someone over of the same sex in the bathroom and attempting to have sex with them.
Bob: Dude last night's party was crazy
Joe: Yeah, James was teetering someone last night, we had to pry him off

Bob: Whoa thats crazy
by Crazy Monkey May 19, 2013
A sexual act where a man first sticks his balls into the asshole of a partner. Then the man kisses the person on the back of the head, followed by the insertion of the man's penis.
Ryan is teetering Colton, balls in blood out.
by fett37 August 03, 2010
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