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3 definitions by fett37

The sexual act of teetering a person, then letting your balls simmer on top of the man gravy.
Colton loves a hot serving of teeter-tot hotdish!
by fett37 August 03, 2010
A sexual act where a man first sticks his balls into the asshole of a partner. Then the man kisses the person on the back of the head, followed by the insertion of the man's penis.
Ryan is teetering Colton, balls in blood out.
by fett37 August 03, 2010
1. When a person, after getting teetered, takes a shit, while the man's penis and balls are both still in their asshole.

2. The final step of a good teetering experience.
Colton gave Ryan a teeter-tot surprise when he was finished.
by fett37 August 03, 2010