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To do back flips and dance your ass off like a moron atop a moving vehicle. Just like Michael J. Fox did in the film Teen Wolf. It is usually accompanied by your buddy bumping some loud and obnoxious music from the vehicle's stereo system.
My friend just got a new Chrysler last night and I was teen wolfing up and down the Strip while he was bumping some loud ass music down below, I couldn't really understand what the song was over the police sirens, we went to jail.
by DirtyXVegas September 30, 2009
When you stand in a surfing position on top a speeding vehicle, usually while listening to loud music.
"we should go teen wolfing, i'll drive"
by Morgazm the Powerful February 29, 2016
to wop your balls out in the background of a pic or vid, basically a type of photobomb, but in reference to the fact that in the end scene of teen wolf, there is a guy in the stands with what looks like his balls hanging out. bonus points if you subtly say 'teen wolf' while you are doing it
~look, in the background that guy has his balls out
~ yeh, hes teenwolfing
by wierdcatweb August 08, 2015
when a self-actualized adult, past the age of puberty, gets moody and remembers what its like to be a teenager again
dude, why are you being so defensive that...are you crying?" "bro, i'm really teen-wolfing right now
by nigel montgomery July 27, 2011
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