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Toughest guy on the face of the earth.
Don't fuck with Russell Crowe.
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
one who tends to surf on top of moving trucks
Teen Wolf is showing off again
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
one tough motherfucker
God damn teen wolf can van surf
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
Someone who is intoxicated
Don't mind him, he's just Russell Crowe right now
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
A turd that sticks to the hair in your ass and is almost impossible to remove, also known as a dingleberry
I bet Russel Crowe has some huge lemony snickets
by kickstanddick November 29, 2004
A small city in the northwest corner of Iowa primarily populated with Mexicans and other forms of life that won't amount to shit.
I was driving down interstate 29 and all of a sudden there was this rich aroma that smelled like shit... there it was... SIOUX CITY. (Sioux City actually always smells like shit believe it or not)
by kickstanddick July 08, 2009

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