Is the term used to refer to any ballin ass nigga, whose swag is off the charts. It may be used for a male or female of any race, or background. The term originated in the south side of Ontario and has since become part of slang internationally.

A Teejay is also likely to have run-ins with the law, however is usually too slick for the pigs.
Person 1: Nigga you seen ol'boy over dere with his swag on point.

Person 2: I envy that ballin ass nigga, he is such a teejay; nah mean

Person 1: quit hatin on teejay
by southsideballer July 18, 2011
Top Definition
Name of a guy who makes girls want to fuck/suck/ask for computer help, but when they see him, act awkward (most likely because they just orgasmed at the sight of him). So good at basketball he makes Michael Jordan cry like a bitch and then lick his tears off the court so Teejay's opponents have no excuse after he breaks their ankles/shins/jaws/etc.
(Teejay walking down hall)
(girl comes out of room in front of him)

Girl: "Oh!.. oh.. ooh, oh, oh... this is awkward."
by Mad Sheets December 07, 2009
The best guy to be,smart and of course love a Shay! Check out what a Shay is....
I need a bad.
by ShayFace2625 January 03, 2010
A teejay (phonetic T J)
is a TSA code word for a male who opts out (refuses to go through the whole body scanner at the airport. It stands for "Tiny Johnson" and is presumably based on the idea that if a man doesn't want to be seen that way, it is because he has small equipment. See"gropefan" for female opt outs.
Don't forget to log the teejays before you go home.
by cnyphercube February 15, 2011
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