The Alaskan Senator who invented the internet by creating a series of tubes. and just recently these tubes were being clogged by movies streaming across the series of tubes. He belives people are treating it like a big truck
Guy 1: Ted Stevens is out trying to protect the tubes again
Guy 2: oh shi- i thought it was a truck
by All-American-Badass October 17, 2008
Top Definition
Shamefully ignorant and criminally insane, Ted Stevens is an Alaska senator. Too old to understand things, Ted Stevens thought the Internet was a "series of tubes." Also tried to build a $200mil bridge to a property he owned. Set phazers to steal.
Ted Stevens: aka "A series of Teds" and "The Pork King"
by author September 01, 2006
Alaskan Senator quoted as saying that the Internet "is not a big truck," but rather a "series of tubes."
According to Ted Steven, sometimes, the tubes are full and email goes slower.
by mliecah August 27, 2006
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