Unbelievable juggalo artist from Kansas City. Never on the radio or MTV and does tours with ICP, Eminem, Twiztid, Esham, Anybody Killa, Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, etc. Amazing speed with slow beats, dark lyrics, and very strange subject matter. Infact, is on the record label, "Strange Music"
"The killa clowns in yo town raisin all hell"

Let's just hope Tech N9ne never goes mainstream...
by Spikesy July 14, 2006
Regardless of whether or not he is underground or mainstream, he is the only rapper in existence that has all of the lyrical skills and styles at his disposal. He can be faster than Twista, more clever than Eminem or Biggie, but also he has a rare clarity in his enunciation that has not been seen since Rakim.
That tech N9ne is like 10 rappers in one.
by turkish4343 March 07, 2007
The most talented rapper in the game. With the biggest underground fan base. Tech N9ne let his fans download his CD absolute Power directly off of his website and still made skrilla. FTI. Tech is so fast AND talented. He would make twista look like a fool.
Theres alot of slicker niggas where i come from,theres another missile catcher just like him, his name is mitchel bade, mitchel bade
by 7 sins July 08, 2004
Best rapper out for the new millenium. Untouchable! Re-invented the sound

HEE-Ahh, into his words! It's the shit!
When it gets hot, the Tech's straight killin' hataz
When it gets rock, the sex rates 10 I made her sit on this jock
Spits quick game inovator chick generator quick trip James Lemonader
by tee March 29, 2004
unparalleled master of rhyme; scientific blend of technique and numerology: nine is the number of completion--nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360 degrees (a complete rotation 3+6+0=9)the completness is not 'finished' but 'mastered,' the technique is complete heat.
Psycho alpha skitso Tech N9ne.
by Philip Murillo November 07, 2003
fuck adamm! tech n9ne is the sickest rapper right now. PERIOD! never once heard him on the radio. sick beats, deep bass. 36 is coo, but tech makes them sound like barney sing a longs
even the babies know technina got crazy flow
by dumb white kid September 15, 2003
unbeleavable skill and ryme, speed, unbeatable lyrics and sound.the best period.
a rapid gun fire from a machinegun
by Blezo May 05, 2003

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