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Stands for Fuck The Industry. Made famous by the rapper Tech N9ne.
Tech N9ne let his fans download Absolute Power off his website to FTI
by Fahmen Juggalo September 10, 2006
Fuck The Industry
support tech n9ne with the FTI!!!
by snake April 28, 2003
Acronym for Fresh, Tight, and Innocent, when describing a girl.
That cute girl in the sundress is FTI, and I WILL corrupt her.
by restrikted August 05, 2012
a tearm used to show that tha music industry is punks, stands for F*ck Tha Industry.
"tell um F.T.I if anybody asks ya"
by Rachael H January 05, 2005
Full time internet.

Originally from a Horse E-Book tweet (As you might know, I am a full time Internet)
As you might know, I am a FTI
by lh May 24, 2012
Female-to-intersex: A person born female who transitions to an intersex body and/or appearance to match their internal gender identity which is both male and female at the same time.
Jerry Sue identifies as an FTI transgender person and is taking testosterone in order to change physically from female to intersex. S/he feels s/he should have been born intersex.
by trannyherm January 16, 2010
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