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A Kansas City, Missouri based rapper with phatty beats.
Einstein, tech n9ne, two triple zip.
by Chris January 19, 2003
162 25
A mainly underground rapper with unbelievable talent. Representing Kansas City, tech n9ne's rowdy flow elicits riots and you can't help but bob your head to his great beats. Tech N9ne has one of the largest underground fan bases in entertainment. Tech combines unbelievably speedy rhymes with real lyrics to create great music.

151 rum, pinapple juice, malibu, caribou get em' all numb. Make baby girl come out of her shell and raise hell don't stop till the cops come. -tech n9ne: caribou lou
by mikkkk December 11, 2006
169 57
Regardless of whether or not he is underground or mainstream, he is the only rapper in existence that has all of the lyrical skills and styles at his disposal. He can be faster than Twista, more clever than Eminem or Biggie, but also he has a rare clarity in his enunciation that has not been seen since Rakim.
That tech N9ne is like 10 rappers in one.
by turkish4343 March 07, 2007
151 42
tech n9ne
demons,angels, and civilians welcome to my purgatory party
they say there aint nuthin but farms where we from, they say we cant do no one harm where we from
by hallsey November 06, 2003
107 20
Possibly the coolest rap d00d around.
I'm a playa I'm a playa, oh oh I'm a playa! I'm a playa I'm a playa, oh oh I'm a playa I'm a playa! I'm a playa I'm a playa OH OH I'M A PLAYA!!
by Miguel "Bai-ye-ho" April 30, 2003
111 24
Founder of JAA! or GAA! With a J or a G, either way it's still da shit. After you pick up on this overdub, you'll hear it all over the album, after like every word. It's the coolest little catch phrase.
Know whu I'm sizzlin!
by tee March 29, 2004
89 12
The best rapper to represent KCMO. He has the tightest flow that I have ever heard. You can't mess with the one and only Aaron D. Yates. If you beefin' with tecca nina you beefin with KCMO. Yadadimean.
"Yo, whachu bangin'?"
"Oh, that ill shit by Tech N9ne?"
"Hell Yeah."
by OhN9ne May 16, 2006
90 16