The best rapper to represent KCMO. He has the tightest flow that I have ever heard. You can't mess with the one and only Aaron D. Yates. If you beefin' with tecca nina you beefin with KCMO. Yadadimean.
"Yo, whachu bangin'?"
"Oh, that ill shit by Tech N9ne?"
"Hell Yeah."
by OhN9ne May 16, 2006
A bad mutha pheezy
Tech N9ne is a bad mutha pheezy
by Bo March 03, 2003
Tech n9ne = fastest rapper Twista = just got BEAT! BY TECH NINA
Listen to the two rappers and then you'd know whos faster, itz about time that the new fastest rapper should be announced tech n9ne.
by tech9 December 11, 2007
simply the best rapper alive, and he aint kiddin about the caribu lou.
no matter what japetoe says, tech n9ne is the best!!!! Domonic thinks the word japetoe is funny. LoL
by 707mattfromVallejo August 23, 2008
Amazing underground rapper. Better than any other, especially that stupid dumb looking F*** lil wayne
I can write a verse and take the sun away... DARKNESS
Say good bye to light bcause it's gone today... DARKNESS
Ain't no smiling happiness is done away... DARKNESS
Watch me paint a pic that'll make you run away... DARKNESS
-Tech N9ne
by USMC13 January 29, 2009
1. the greatest rapper to pick up a mic
2. MUCH better than lil wayne's sorry ass
3. One who is a straight up boss
4. Another word for "genius"
Tech N9ne is unbelievibly amazing at everything
by tyloess March 06, 2010
The Best Rapper Comming Out Of Kansas City Mo,Spit's Fire he rap as fast as twista and has a mentalley of a true killa klown check his web site out
"The Killa Clownz In Yo Town Raising All hell!"
by TONY C October 13, 2004
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