Tech N9ne is a hip hop artist from Kansas City. His lyrics are one of a kind, most songs are very darkish. He likes to describe himself as a dying angel, and devil's friend. His artist name Tech N9ne : nine is the number of completion - nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360 degrees (a complete rotation 3+6+0=9). Tec 9 is also a machine gun, and tech stands for technique.
Trapped in a psychos body by tech n9ne:
Don't you come near me cause the devils sittin' next to me
I drink my drink and smoke my weed and pop my extacy
If you can hear me, I need help I'm caught and
I'm stuck and I'm trapped in me self don't understand
If he wants to kill himself what the fuck you
Think he wanna do to you?
by OllieKickFlip April 24, 2006
1.a kansas city missouri based rapper.
2.nine is the number of completion:nine months of pregnancy,nine live,360(3+6+0=9)
watch out cuz' here comes techanina, no doubt cuz' her comes techanina
by girl from kcmo January 07, 2004
A Kansas City, Missouri based rapper with phatty beats.
Einstein, tech n9ne, two triple zip.
by Chris January 19, 2003
A mainly underground rapper with unbelievable talent. Representing Kansas City, tech n9ne's rowdy flow elicits riots and you can't help but bob your head to his great beats. Tech N9ne has one of the largest underground fan bases in entertainment. Tech combines unbelievably speedy rhymes with real lyrics to create great music.

151 rum, pinapple juice, malibu, caribou get em' all numb. Make baby girl come out of her shell and raise hell don't stop till the cops come. -tech n9ne: caribou lou
by mikkkk December 11, 2006
tech n9ne
demons,angels, and civilians welcome to my purgatory party
they say there aint nuthin but farms where we from, they say we cant do no one harm where we from
by hallsey November 06, 2003
Possibly the coolest rap d00d around.
I'm a playa I'm a playa, oh oh I'm a playa! I'm a playa I'm a playa, oh oh I'm a playa I'm a playa! I'm a playa I'm a playa OH OH I'M A PLAYA!!
by Miguel "Bai-ye-ho" April 30, 2003
Founder of JAA! or GAA! With a J or a G, either way it's still da shit. After you pick up on this overdub, you'll hear it all over the album, after like every word. It's the coolest little catch phrase.
Know whu I'm sizzlin!
by tee March 29, 2004
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