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Tebowism is the religion followed rigorously by his fans. (Read: bandwagoners) It involves screaming about how hawt he is, and how he is the greatest quarterback ever. It also involves Tebowing at random spots and then tweeting about it (#tebowing).
Tebowism Follower: OH MY GAWD. Tebow is the greatest quarterback ever!!!

Bronco Fan: No way. Elway is the greatest ever.

Tebowism Follower: Whats Elway? Is that a name? Thats a funny name...

Bronco Fan: What a tebowism follower....
by koolestkid21 January 09, 2012
6 2
The act of worshiping Tim Tebow as a prophet of God.
Those people must follow tebowism, and go to the Church of Tebow because he talks about him so much
by arabkoolaid November 30, 2011
10 5
n. the repeated use of God's help in order to come back and win in the fourth quarter of a game
Tim Tebow is a worshiper of Tebowism.
by tebowisjesus January 14, 2012
4 2