To Tebow is "to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different."
Herbie started to Tebowing to score big at the party.
by ShadyHerb October 27, 2011
A grown man, also (but not required to be) a virgin who pleasures himself to other men in tights, typically football players.
Hey Ash! Check out Gallo sitting in his cubicle Tebowing to that picture of the retard Eli Manning again! That filthy bastard!
by AfroAssault November 02, 2011
To cry in front of a large group.
I thought Craig was a real man, but as soon as he didn't win, he started tebowing in front of everybody.
by Otis Chance December 07, 2009
To act like a vagina in front of a huge audience. To sulk publicly.
"Yo, did you see the end of that game? The losers were tebowing all over the place."

"Oh, would you stop tebowing, it will be time to go soon."
by knightedcane December 05, 2009
Getting down on one knee to speak to your invisible friend. Commonly used by athletes to thank the creator of the Universe for taking time out of his/her busy day to ensure you make a good play.
God couldn't save those children from starving to death he was too busy helping that guy score a touchdown. At least the playing is tebowing...
by OhYeahThatGuy October 30, 2011

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