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Behavior by a woman or a man, apparently rooted in narcissistic anxiety, that mocks, shames, excludes or otherwise discriminates against Dads (i.e., men who show up for their children by taking paternity leave, engaging in nurturing behavior (especially in public), and juggling these demands with a paid job).
He took the paternity leave his employer offered even though he worried a bit about Dadophobia by his boss or even his wife.
by Denverite2 December 11, 2011
Assuming Tim Tebow's post-touchdown prayer posture in order to mock the patriarchal system of (a) male resource control, (b) male competition to the point of war and killing to obtain resources rather than being productive (football being a game symbolizing this - and actually representing this in player salaries), (c) male narcissism and pseudo-omnipotence and control represented by a male deity (i.e "God") and (d) female submission and dissociation (except in the home where mother authoritarianism sometimes occurs).
He wanted to have a modern marriage where he would be paid fairly, have a healthy connection with his wife (including a good sex life with her), and have the time to be a good dad to his children so he did some Tebowing to mock the patriarchal system (and those who are tools in it, like Tim Tebow) and show his objection to it.
by Denverite2 December 27, 2011

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