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(pronounced Tee-Boner)
when a Florida Gators fan hears the name Tim Tebow and gets a boner
Steve: Tebow sucks
Tod: Damnit Steve, you gave me a Teboner
by A non mous December 15, 2008
When your penis achieves an erection for no reason.
I was hesitant to get up in front of everybody since I was sporting a Teboner.
by Schnapdogg January 08, 2012
The intense feeling of excitement that stems from witnessing the conquests of quarterback Tim Tebow.
Dude!! Watching that comeback win the Broncos had over the Bears gave me a massive Teboner!!
by Sandusky69 December 28, 2011
The act of Defending and/or having a man crush on Tim Tebow.
1. In his heated debate about Tim Tebow, kyle started to get a Teboner.

2. "Tyler, you have such a Teboner right now defending Tim's QB rating."
3.Shane was part of the Toboners club.
by richard mcwhiner January 16, 2012
A semi- or slight chub that last more than an hr. after a Bronco's game.. Happens mostly to the religous right, although they generally won't admit it when called out..
"I swear when Pastor John got up off the couch after the game, he had a Teboner... I asked him about it, but he denied having any knowledge of even what a Teboner was"?

Not to be confused with Tea-bagger
by assclown34 January 10, 2012
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