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(pronounced Tee-Boner)
when a Florida Gators fan hears the name Tim Tebow and gets a boner
Steve: Tebow sucks
Tod: Damnit Steve, you gave me a Teboner
by A non mous December 15, 2008
127 84
When your penis achieves an erection for no reason.
I was hesitant to get up in front of everybody since I was sporting a Teboner.
by Schnapdogg January 08, 2012
17 3
The act of Defending and/or having a man crush on Tim Tebow.
1. In his heated debate about Tim Tebow, kyle started to get a Teboner.

2. "Tyler, you have such a Teboner right now defending Tim's QB rating."
3.Shane was part of the Toboners club.
by richard mcwhiner January 16, 2012
4 14
The intense feeling of excitement that stems from witnessing the conquests of quarterback Tim Tebow.
Dude!! Watching that comeback win the Broncos had over the Bears gave me a massive Teboner!!
by Sandusky69 December 28, 2011
9 19
A semi- or slight chub that last more than an hr. after a Bronco's game.. Happens mostly to the religous right, although they generally won't admit it when called out..
"I swear when Pastor John got up off the couch after the game, he had a Teboner... I asked him about it, but he denied having any knowledge of even what a Teboner was"?

Not to be confused with Tea-bagger
by assclown34 January 10, 2012
0 14