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A blizzard that isn't.
The weatherman kept telling us this huge snow storm was going to it. We only got a couple inches. It was a total blizzn't.
by GSBJim February 02, 2011
Gay prodigy. Otherwise known as "pocket gay" or "gay in training." The prodigay exhibits all the necessary characteristics and taste in fashion required by a seasoned homosexual, but at a much earlier age.
Bob got really lucky. The guy he's training is a total prodigay. In two days he perfected the eye-roll AND the sense of entitled judgement.
by GSBJim January 22, 2011
A virtual set of balls that lets you say something online you would never be man enough to say in person.
On a dating site: "Can you believe this ugly, homeless-looking dude just messaged me? Total internads. He'd never have the nerve to talk to me in person."

On blog comments: "Did you see all those hateful comments under the gay marriage story? Either there's a lot of scary homophobes out there, or a bunch of pussies just found their internads."
by GSBJim February 28, 2012
A hard-on for football quarterback, Tim Tebow.
"I can't believe Joe is such a huge Tim Tebow fan. I swear he watches every game with a rock hard tebone.
by GSBJim January 12, 2012

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