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A "B-Team" Swim relay Comprised of 4 Beasts on a quest for CIF, mainly ones with complete Swag.
Dude, did you see Team Swag beast that relay?!
by pelhamlightning April 28, 2011
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Any team that Emma is a part of, specifically a swimming relay.
Dude, did you see Team Swag beast Ian's team?!
by Ian2345 April 28, 2011
Is a team that recrutes all over the world , its base is in Chateauguay Quebec.

To be on team swag you have to Have swag

if you dont know what swag is , it's Speacial weapons and game

meaning you have to fit the qualifications of a team swag member
Team Swag
by Brent Callender July 07, 2010

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