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Cum In Face. A sexual act.
Used for example, when describing services offered by escorts.

See also CIM, COB, OWO, FK, 69, A-Level.
by roberto123 August 12, 2005
Can I f@#k
Rick: Mary are we still going out tonight?
Mary: yes, where you wanna go?
Rick: well it depends, CIF??
by shorTy August 18, 2012
To Cif is to moisten ones pants/trousers with excitement
Mate, that sandwich was so nice i nearly Ciffed myself

after i blew my load, she was covered if Cif

That girl needs her pants ciffing
by AudioHussy November 23, 2009
Looking at greeting cards is EMOTIONAL, and emotion stirs the POT. Card Induced Flatulence hits while you are looking for greeting cards & you have the urge to fart, shart, or poop your pants.
Allison's CIF caused her to ditch Papyrus for the can because she sharted herself.
by enuss April 12, 2008
a faction in the government promoted to destroy all the things in this evil world that promote chubbiness
"o snap the CIF is comming hide that burger!"
by turkey club October 31, 2004
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