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Ultimately the best girl in the universe, someone selfless, caring, kind, gentle and sweet. Not to mention she is also completely and totally beautiful. The kind of girl a should be insanely grateful to be with. In all sense of the word, she is perfect.
Wow, that girl is so wonderful in everyway. She must be a Teagan.
by Fordman177 November 20, 2011
Arabian for "beautiful one"
German for "loves bananas"
can also be used in Brookstone to buy an iGALLOP
Hello sir! Today I would like to purchase a Teagan.
by Octavianopolis January 01, 2007
German for " Beautiful or sexy"
She is so Teagan ;)
by Imsexyyournot September 01, 2010
The most AMAZING girl will ever meet. She has the most radiant personality you will find. Beautiful in every way ; smile, hair, figure, laugh, personality... everything! She doesn't realize it, but she is the nicest and sweetest person ever. You can never go wrong with a friend like Teagan. It's sad that she doesn't know how beautiful she is. She has glorious big brown eyes that have a lively aura about them and glisten. If you are lucky enough to be friends with her, she is a treasure that you keep finding out more and more about and she is a blessing and delight to have in your life.
by gxazx2013 February 18, 2013
A celtic name that means either *little poet* or *owned by cats*. A Teagan is usually a self analystic, mostly bizzarre and crazy person. She sometimes comes across with something called *small dogs syndrome* that leads her to believe that she needs to be tougher than the big guys to be thought of a half as tough. She usually has a sarcastic or very dry witted sense of humour and a very open and liberal, freethinking view of the world.
Thats girls name is Teagan. Teagan has *serious* problems.
by Teagan B July 23, 2006
to crave cookies. also to describe a jaunty cap
Man, I'm really teaganing for some cookies.
That hat is so teagan!
by omnomnom1234 February 19, 2009
Teagans are amazing people.
They are kind, generous, funny, smart, and not to mention hot.
Teagans make a great friend or boyfriend or Girlfriends, they are honest, reliable, and only want the best for others.
Teagans are also great kissers and only date people because they love them.

If you get a chance to be their friend or date them count yourself lucky!
Kid 1: "Wow their hot!"
Kid 2: "They're also really funny and smart!"
Kids 1 & 2: "What their name?"
Kid 3: "Teagan."
Kids 1 & 2: "oh that makes sense then..."
by optronix July 03, 2016
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