Ultimately the best girl in the universe, someone selfless, caring, kind, gentle and sweet. Not to mention she is also completely and totally beautiful. The kind of girl a should be insanely grateful to be with. In all sense of the word, she is perfect.
Wow, that girl is so wonderful in everyway. She must be a Teagan.
by Fordman177 November 20, 2011
Arabian for "beautiful one"
German for "loves bananas"
can also be used in Brookstone to buy an iGALLOP
Hello sir! Today I would like to purchase a Teagan.
by Octavianopolis January 01, 2007
German for " Beautiful or sexy"
She is so Teagan ;)
by Imsexyyournot September 01, 2010
A celtic name that means either *little poet* or *owned by cats*. A Teagan is usually a self analystic, mostly bizzarre and crazy person. She sometimes comes across with something called *small dogs syndrome* that leads her to believe that she needs to be tougher than the big guys to be thought of a half as tough. She usually has a sarcastic or very dry witted sense of humour and a very open and liberal, freethinking view of the world.
Thats girls name is Teagan. Teagan has *serious* problems.
by Teagan B July 23, 2006
The most AMAZING girl will ever meet. She has the most radiant personality you will find. Beautiful in every way ; smile, hair, figure, laugh, personality... everything! She doesn't realize it, but she is the nicest and sweetest person ever. You can never go wrong with a friend like Teagan. It's sad that she doesn't know how beautiful she is. She has glorious big brown eyes that have a lively aura about them and glisten. If you are lucky enough to be friends with her, she is a treasure that you keep finding out more and more about and she is a blessing and delight to have in your life.
by gxazx2013 February 18, 2013
to crave cookies. also to describe a jaunty cap
Man, I'm really teaganing for some cookies.
That hat is so teagan!
by omnomnom1234 February 19, 2009
A loser. And a smartass who knows "everything. " Nerd. Geek. Bookworm. Egghead.
He/She is such a Teagan!!

Stop being a Teagan!!
by AnAmerican February 10, 2014

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