Code word for sexual encounters while young children are present.
Hey Jessie, will you watch the chitlins so I can have a tea party with yasir?
by angelbrat June 23, 2007
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(n.) 1. A disillusioned group of U.S. citizens that blindly oppose whatever legislative and/or government policy they perceive as being leftist, but said legislation/policy is actually in their own best interest.

2. Unknowing puppets of capitalist corporations and their congressional silent partners used to derail any progressive movement in the US government and/or society.

The Tea Party is having a rally to oppose the middle class tax break for those Americans making $250K/year or less even though 98% of the Tea Party members fall within this category.
by ISeeJesusInMyToast February 08, 2010
White trash identity politics, circa 2009-2010. This movement features the isolated and ignorant boldly and proudly acting as vassals for a small group of cynical thieves, like the Koch brothers (whose own younger brother has accused of being criminals).
Every moron in the Tea Party is interested in impoverishing themselves, as long as it keeps the Kochs, Rupert Murdoch, and other criminals rich and keeps minorities poor.
by not a Koch sucker October 06, 2010
Another bunch of useful idiots who believe that a government is "small" when it wastes squillions of dollars on wars but lets poor citizens croak instead of helping them with medicare.

Naive dreamers who think that capitalism is some kind of romantic exchange of goods between the farmer John Wayne and the horse breeder Gary Cooper, and the dominion of monopole corporations and banks is "socialism".

Hate-filled hyprocrites who call everyone Hitler!Hitler!Hitler! but when YOU only call them "right wing" they are screaming about "political correctness gone wild" and that they are just "concerned" citizens, looking for freedom.

Allegedly they don't want government involved with your everyday life - except when it comes to gay marriage (FORBID IT!) and all the other things that make baby Jesus cry.
Normal Person: Church and state should remain separate!

Teabaggers: You want America to become islamic!

Normal Person: No, I...

Teabagger: Why do you hate America so much?

Normal Person? What? I don't hate...

Teabagger: And why don't you think of the children!? Think of the children!

Normal Person: The children!? Gosh, what's wrong with you guys!?

Teabagger: Well, well, Herr Hitler asks what's "wrong" with us! I guess you want to put everyone in a concetration camp who asks the "wrong" questions, hm?

Normal Person: Jesus Christ, you're fucking crazy.

Teabagger: See! Everyone who asks the "wrong" questions is "crazy" and has to be put in a gulag! Come on, kid, why do you hate freedom so much? Why don't you defend the freedom of speech!?

Normal speech: I defend the freedom of speech! I defend my right to call the Tea Party a bunch of lunatic crypto-fascist hypocrites who would deserve to get crippled in one of your stupid, unnecessary wars, to live on the street afterwards and then to work as a loo attendant for 1$ a week at the millionaire's villa of one of your stupid teaparty moms, who claims to defend the little guy against the "liberal elite".
by CoffeeCat August 23, 2011
In 1773, a group of rebels in Boston harbor angry at a foreign king for forcing taxes on tea imports that the rebels were forced to buy, so they prentended to be dark-skinned natives and dumped the imports into the sea.

Today, a wing of the Republican party dedicated to getting Obama out of office, while conveniently living in denial about the abuses of the Bush years and the Wall Street origins of the Great Recession (2007-present). For instance, the tea party has no problem w/ the glut of cheap imports flooding Walmarts across the fruited plain or the debasement of wages globally that result from it. The tea party actually opposes living wages and organized labor, while having no problems w/ white collar fraud.
The Boston Tea Party was as American as apple pie.

The modern tea party twerps piss me off. Do they even know what the Boston Tea Party was about? It was a foreign country taxing us on imported tea. Who wanted NAFTA and WTO in the 1st place? Who voted for total banking deregulation? Did the Founding Fathers come to America to have the church tell them what to do? I know the desire to tease gays must be irresistable, but THINK!
by Dr Democracy September 20, 2011
Acronym for Taxed Enough Already. Loose references to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 where citizens revolted against Great Britain over taxation without representation.

The gathering of conservatives, particularly on April 15 2009, to protest "wasteful government spending" aka "allowing tax money to go to anyone who isn't white, male, and protestant or lives in a house ran by one."

Common misconceptions of participators (teabagers) is that they are protesting taxation without representation. In actuality, they are whining about paying taxes and allowing the money to go where it always has (supporting America). And taxpayers are represented by those they elect into the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House.
What!? My tax dollars are going to help the unemployed?

Nope, let them eat cake, and we'll through a tea party.

What!? My tax dollars are going to an under privileged school?

Nope, no education for those poor bastards on my money. Tea party.

What!? My rich, white, protestant ass is paying more taxes than those poor niggers, spics, and homos!?

Fuck them, tea party time.
by Dirty Jacksons April 15, 2009
Where white people from all walks of intolerant society gather to draw hitler mustaches on pictures, make effigies of black people hanging, show off their illegal guns, and whine about other bs.
billy bob: hey der, u goin tur da tea party tommorow?

joe dirt: heck yea deey tuk urr jerrrbs!!!!
by Jutintime April 16, 2010
In order to seize power, the Republican elite, with lies and propaganda, have created the Tea Party, a right-wing political ploy cleverly disguised as a grass-roots organization. This group includes all the racist rednecks in the south (not everyone in the Tea Party is racist - it's just that all of the racists are in the Tea Party). Some followers of the movement are not stupid, but are unknowing victims of propaganda, and many others are often blindly satisfied by "news" that only presents one political viewpoint (often a deliberate pack of lies designed to anger the viewers into rallying against the supposed wrongdoings of Obama). Such "news" has the political advantage of providing the viewer with only what he wants to see and with only what he wants to hear.
Deceived Tea Party Member: "Hey, I looked up some of the accusations they were making about Obama on TV. They were playing brief clips of him saying things, accompanied with descriptions of what he really meant. So I looked up all of what he said and it turns out everything was taken TOTALLY out of context."

Informed American: "They did that on purpose, dude."
by T0RG0 December 14, 2010

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