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In order to seize power, the Republican elite, with lies and propaganda, have created the Tea Party, a right-wing political ploy cleverly disguised as a grass-roots organization. This group includes all the racist rednecks in the south (not everyone in the Tea Party is racist - it's just that all of the racists are in the Tea Party). Some followers of the movement are not stupid, but are unknowing victims of propaganda, and many others are often blindly satisfied by "news" that only presents one political viewpoint (often a deliberate pack of lies designed to anger the viewers into rallying against the supposed wrongdoings of Obama). Such "news" has the political advantage of providing the viewer with only what he wants to see and with only what he wants to hear.
Deceived Tea Party Member: "Hey, I looked up some of the accusations they were making about Obama on TV. They were playing brief clips of him saying things, accompanied with descriptions of what he really meant. So I looked up all of what he said and it turns out everything was taken TOTALLY out of context."

Informed American: "They did that on purpose, dude."
by T0RG0 December 14, 2010
A political group of noisy ignorant rednecks who actually represent a very small portion of the American population. One of their major goal is to reduce taxes because these guys are poor as hell. Could you please think a little you tea party patriots! If we reduce the taxes, the country will not have enough money to pay for the infrastructures and public services, that are currently in a really bad but really bad state.
Those Tea Party Patriots are ignorant rednecks!!
by JUDi876 October 31, 2010
A group that originally supported Ron Paul but was subsequently taken over by Republican Fundietards, Corporatists, and generally uneducated white blue collar rednecks who don't know what's best for them.

These people think they are mirroring the Boston Tea Party, but in reality are doing no such thing as the original Boston Tea Party was meant to stand against the corporatism practiced by the East India Company with the passing of the Tea Act of 1773. In short, this act gave the EIC permission to import tea into the colonies TAX FREE. This was done to screw over American tea businesses. Sound familiar?

They are also using this as an excuse to push a far-right christian fundietard agenda by gutting social programs, education, regulatory agencies and women's health services.

The end goal of their master is a stupid, destitute populace that is subservient to them and ONLY them.

These folks also love to project their own failures onto anything they perceive as 'the Left', or 'Liberals', or 'Libtards'. Examples of this include throwing around the words 'Indoctrination', 'Socialism', and 'Communism'. It seems all we can do now is prevent them from becoming another Liberty League.
Person 1: What's with the Tea Party? Don't they realize that the people they put in office want to hurt them, not help them?

Person 2: I'm sure people were asking the same thing about the Liberty League during FDR's presidency..sad how history repeats itself.
by Grey Buddhist September 11, 2011
A group of conservatives who attend a rally to teabag each other. The conservatives are usually old, fat white guys who are closet homosexuals. They often carry signs at the rallies about things that they don't understand like socialism, taxation, and healthcare.

Sometimes they perform the homosexual acts for religious purposes as evidenced by a sign at one of the Tea Parties that read "I teabag for Jesus!"
Billy Bob and Cheney left the slaughterhouse to attend a Tea Party so they could teabag each other without their wives finding out about it.
by Turtle Claw March 03, 2010
A gathering of two or more occupied police cars perpendicular to the road. Usually the cars are facing opposite directions, so the officers could feasibly talk to each other. The implication is that if two or more police officers are hanging out together and apparently not doing anything, they can't be doing anything worth the taxpayers' money...short of enjoying a short break with tea and crumpets, of course. What else could they be doing?
I was driving down the road and I passed a tea party. Those cops must not have anything better to do.
by The Dopefish June 05, 2009
A group of obese, undereducated hicks who worship the 2nd Amendment, think Obama is a Muslim solely because of his name and skin color, call anyone to the left of Hitler a communist and a socialist, and would rather see Americans starve and die in the streets by the millions than see a Democrat in the White House. Indistinguishable from the Republican Party, as they are one and the same.
We Christians in the Republican Tea Party need to pray that the economy tailspins into another Great Depression so that Obama loses in 2012.
by rtv0587 August 15, 2011
A radical group of Republicans who believe avoiding change and sticking to outdated and noneffective ideals is smart. This group has amassed a large following in recent years by exploiting the political ignorance and general sheepishness of Americans (AKA, Joe The Plumber) via scare tactics and promises of an end to the "Liberal Elite's corrupted agenda". This groups success is a testament to the stupidity of the American populace.

When a bunch of contradicting rednecks (grassroots is the polite term) come into your house, accuse you of being a commu-terrorist who hates America, rape you and your family's minds with their back-asswards ideas and derogatory statements, and splash boiling oil on your face.
Guy #1: "Hey man, what political party are you?"
Guy #2: "Oh, I'm Republican..."
Guy #1: "Don't Republicans all worship themselves, contradict everything ever, and kill people?"
Guy #2: "No. You're thinking of The Tea Party! They misrepresent Republicans to the highest degree. They misrepresent people to the highest degree."

Guy #1: "Hey, what'd you do last night?"
Guy #2: "I WAS going to watch that new Justin Beiber documentary with my family, but some people came over and had a tea party in our living room."
Guy #1: "I am so sorry to hear that... Are the kids OK?"
by evenrainbowscry October 20, 2011