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Although used on previous occasions by great scholars, such as on the TV debate between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, when Vidal accused Buckley of being a 'crypto-fascist', this term was made a popular insult amongst geeks by the BBC sitcom Red Dwarf.

A crypto-fascist is a 'hidden' supporter of fascism. It is only truly applicable to individuals, as by definition a mass movement of crypto-fascism ceases to be cryptological. That is to say, a crypto-fascist has ideologically totalitarian views, but has not yet found a movement which sufficiently reflects these views, and thus remains 'hidden'.
Young Lister: But I'm not into dosh, I hate money, I loathe possessions, It's just so... crypto-fascist.
Lister: Will you stop saying everything's crypto-fascist? You make me sound like I was a complete git!
by esterbuan tuero May 07, 2005
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