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Another bunch of useful idiots who believe that a government is "small" when it wastes squillions of dollars on wars but lets poor citizens croak instead of helping them with medicare.

Naive dreamers who think that capitalism is some kind of romantic exchange of goods between the farmer John Wayne and the horse breeder Gary Cooper, and the dominion of monopole corporations and banks is "socialism".

Hate-filled hyprocrites who call everyone Hitler!Hitler!Hitler! but when YOU only call them "right wing" they are screaming about "political correctness gone wild" and that they are just "concerned" citizens, looking for freedom.

Allegedly they don't want government involved with your everyday life - except when it comes to gay marriage (FORBID IT!) and all the other things that make baby Jesus cry.
Normal Person: Church and state should remain separate!

Teabaggers: You want America to become islamic!

Normal Person: No, I...

Teabagger: Why do you hate America so much?

Normal Person? What? I don't hate...

Teabagger: And why don't you think of the children!? Think of the children!

Normal Person: The children!? Gosh, what's wrong with you guys!?

Teabagger: Well, well, Herr Hitler asks what's "wrong" with us! I guess you want to put everyone in a concetration camp who asks the "wrong" questions, hm?

Normal Person: Jesus Christ, you're fucking crazy.

Teabagger: See! Everyone who asks the "wrong" questions is "crazy" and has to be put in a gulag! Come on, kid, why do you hate freedom so much? Why don't you defend the freedom of speech!?

Normal speech: I defend the freedom of speech! I defend my right to call the Tea Party a bunch of lunatic crypto-fascist hypocrites who would deserve to get crippled in one of your stupid, unnecessary wars, to live on the street afterwards and then to work as a loo attendant for 1$ a week at the millionaire's villa of one of your stupid teaparty moms, who claims to defend the little guy against the "liberal elite".
by CoffeeCat August 23, 2011
"Occupy Wall Street" is a world wide spreading series of demonstrations which started on 17th September 2011 at the Zucc... at the Liberty Plaza Park in New York City.

Since the participants of the demonstrations are protesting against the blatant injustice of the current political and economical system, against corporate greed and lobbyism, they are the perfect object of hate for a lot of right wing apologists who

-in case they aren't wealthy- believe that poor blacks, poor agnostics or poor homosexuals (or their "lobbies") are to blame for the poorness of white and heterosexual christians, or

-in case they are wealthy- believe that the millions of Americans who can hardly afford living are just too lazy or not biblical enough,

-in case they are fucking rich- are scared of the idea that the day may come when they can't safe their asses with playing off one part of the poor against other parts of the poor anymore.
Bankster 1: Hooray, it's the Weekend! Now let's cut up some foxes to decorate the living room! = )


Bankster 1: Aaaaaah! = ( Well ... Yeah? Stephen?

Bankster 2: Hey, Ronald, have..

Bankster 1: Hey, how ar...

Bankster 2: ...you watched the news!?

Bankster 1: No, I was...

Bankster 2: There is a demonstration in NYC, and...

Bankster 1: Oooooh, I see! But don't be concerned. After the weekend I will visit some of those Teabaggers and talk about them evil faggots and the godless, liberal elite, about nazi-niggers in the gub'mint taking their jeeerbs ... then I will go to CNN and apologize and then to FOX moaning about political correctness. That's no biggie.

Bankster 2: Ronald, it's not the Tea Party.

Bankster 1: It's not?

Bankster 2: No. It's "Occupy Wall Street".

Bankster 1: Occupy Wall Street?

Bankster 2: Yeah. Occupy Wall Street...

Bankster 1: Ouh, fuck. That could get dangerous.

Bankster 2: That's why I called you.

Bankster 1: Okay, then. Call our guys in Washington. And call Michael! He shall go to FOX. Strategy: Protesters are drug-addicted stalinists and lazy pedophile hippies who hate America and freedom or something like that. Well. And I guess our next party donation has to be a bit bigger.

Bankster 2: Let's just hope that this will work!

Bankster 1: Hm ... it has worked out so far. Let's see if we can also win this time or if those dorks are gradually waking up.
by CoffeeCat October 10, 2011

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