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A drinking party game in which the host fills up a standard tea kettle with his or her choice of liquor. Holding the tea kettle gives you the power to force anyone to get on their knees and drink a shot from the tea kettle. Holding the tea kettle in a sexual suggestive pose is preferred, but not mandatory.

Also called "kettling" by people in a hurry.
Balthazar: Tea kettle! Get on your knees!
Agnes: My goodness! I'm totally getting tea kettled!
Laszlo: Hey everybody, Bathlazar is tea kettling Agnes!
Everybody: This entertains us!
by B@lth@z@r January 17, 2011
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When drunk girls begin speaking so high and so fast they start to sound remarkably like a tea kettle. They usually start off normal and after three or four beers descend into high pitched nonsence.
That girl was tea kettling so bad, I was sure my ear drums were about to pop.
by Deering October 17, 2006
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1. The act of teabagging while simaltaneously exhausting gas from the anus into the mouth of a sleeping victim, it was known as none other than teakettling.
2. There is no other definition.
Justin decided that he was in the mood again and teakettled Ryan...twice. Ryan had to brush his teeth twice in the morning and use mouthwash, but still failed to get the awful taste out of his mouth. Ryan despises teakettling, and seeks revenge.
by Mr. Teakettle November 08, 2007
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