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An underdog that has a better chance of victory than the betting line suggests. Even though they're less likely to win than the favorite, betting on live dogs can be profitable over time because the reward would exceed the risk.
Laszlo: The oddsmakers are favoring Steve "the Boxer" Punchalot over Ricardo "Big Fist" Sanchez.

Balthazar: True, but I like Sanchez's chances. I think he's a live dog.
by B@lth@z@r July 23, 2014
A drinking party game in which the host fills up a standard tea kettle with his or her choice of liquor. Holding the tea kettle gives you the power to force anyone to get on their knees and drink a shot from the tea kettle. Holding the tea kettle in a sexual suggestive pose is preferred, but not mandatory.

Also called "kettling" by people in a hurry.
Balthazar: Tea kettle! Get on your knees!
Agnes: My goodness! I'm totally getting tea kettled!
Laszlo: Hey everybody, Bathlazar is tea kettling Agnes!
Everybody: This entertains us!
by B@lth@z@r January 17, 2011
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