Dialect and inflection spoken by misanthropic and cynical bohemians and wise, primitivist travelers. Made famous by The Mad Hatter, March Hare and the Dormouse, who were the only ones present at the time. Had we KNOWN she was coming, though...
I say...I dont like your banter! Or. I dont like banter at all, which means yours is clearly excellent. You must speak Tea Party around here, or youll fall behind the TAZ...
by Mr. Hatter June 13, 2011
weed smokeout. Associated terms include "tea kettle" for bong, "tea leaves" for weed, and "brewing" for smoking.
"shit son, let's have a tea party"
"don't bogart that tea"
"Son, what did you do today? I went to a tea party and was brewing some tea leaves with my friends"
by Juan Campos April 28, 2008
The act of two men taking a piss in the same urinal. Usually the streams cross in the process.
O crap, my pants are wet, I just had a tea party and steven seagal missed and tagged me.
by Danny Fields January 14, 2006
Placing extra drinks at your table to either "hold" your place while you get up to go somewhere, or to discourage people in an overcrowded bar from sitting down or placing their drinks on your table. Kind of like puting your coat on the seat next to you at the movies.
Joe arrived at the club, grabbed the last table in the place, and set up a tea party to wait for the others to arrive.
by Ivor the Infector May 08, 2006
This is the act of urinating on someone, something, or some place.
I was pissing off the balcony and accidentally gave Eugene a tea party.

I held a tea party on the restroom wall.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
the act of rubbing your dick on a girls pussy during foreplay
To get wet, she had a tea party with my dick
by kfederale September 16, 2007
Code word for sexual encounters while young children are present.
Hey Jessie, will you watch the chitlins so I can have a tea party with yasir?
by angelbrat June 23, 2007
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