When a person memes by pulling down their pants and wiping their bum on the floor like an old dog. From South Park season 16, episode 3 "Faith Hilling"
Greg: So, what do you guys wanna do?
Melvin: Let's do some Taylor Swifting over by that building where they hold AA meetings.

Greg: Good idea, man.
by shannonashleyk March 28, 2012
The act of pulling your pants down and dragging your bare ass on the ground while someone takes a picture. An evolution of Faith Hilling, Tebowing, planking, etc.
Are you seriously still planking? That's so two thousand and late, pull your pants down and drag your ass on the ground so i can get a picture of you Taylor Swifting!
by PepeChicago March 28, 2012
The act of pulling down ones pants and using ones hands to skoot across the ground while being video taped.
Hobo: Yo! Did you see Gilbert yesterday!?!!??!?!?

Hammy: HELL YEAH!!! His ass musta been so dirty after Taylor Swifting for so long!
Hobo: Yeah! He probably gave himself Morgs!
by Dr. James Endermanety April 07, 2012
The act of pulling your pants down and rubbing your ass along the ground like and old dog.
Guy1 Hey look at that chick over there with her pants down crawling around, she must be

Guy2 No she not special, shes just Taylor Swifting
by Dizzlemania March 28, 2012
1) The act of mass producing extraordinarily low-quality music, themed particularly around "love", fairytales, and other interests of teenage girls, for the consumption by the aforementioned teenage girls, idiots, and the criminally insane.

2) A situation in which one wipes his or her anus on the ground, not unlike an old dog.
Brett: "Hey man, how's it hanging?"

Logan: "Not too well. I was about to seal the deal with this totally smokin' babe, but then she asked me to be the prince and she the princess, at which point I knew we could never coexist."

Brett: "Damn. Another flawless plot foiled by Taylor Swifting."
by A_man_with_ears March 29, 2012
when a girl is sad or thinking about something serious she listens to a ton of taylor swift songs having to do with what situation she is in.
friend: "hey! are you ok?"
girl: "no i'm sad"

friend: "oh.. are you taylorswifting?"
girl: "ofcourse i am!"
by anonymousasdhjgfrakjsgfrkaweiu January 14, 2010
The art of laying on the floor in your room wallowing for a boy while listening to Taylor Swift.
Laura: Hey, did you do the homework?

Isabelle: No. I spent the whole day Taylor Swifting.
by Yo.Homie September 06, 2009

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