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The Act of grubbing your shirt to make it look as if you have boobs.
Faith hilling is much better then cat breading and Taylor swifting
by Kooala aid July 28, 2012
Fake meme invented by the TV show South Park where one uses their fingertips to pull outward the chest of their shirt to create the look of fake breasts, and takes a picture. It is meant as a commentary on how silly internet memes have become.
Tebowing is so two-thousand-and-LAME. It's all about Faith Hilling now.
by Sinewave April 29, 2012
The newest meme involves pulling the shirt out to look like boobs, it's called Faith Hilling and all around the world people are doing it.
Random Kid: "Hey, what are you doing?"

Cartman: "Faith Hilling, why don't you get the f*** out of here."

Other random kid: "Oh god, Faith Hilling is so February 2012!"

Carl: "Saying something is so 2000 and anything is so 2009 you stupid a**wipe"

Random kid: "Come on guys, it's not worth it. We can do our Taylor Swifting somewhere else."
by SP FTW March 31, 2012
Pulling on your shirt to make it look like you have Faith Hill's pencil-like nipples
Guy 1: "hey did you see that chick last week?"
Guy 2: " you mean the one who was Faith Hilling with no hands?"
by bleachthis! March 28, 2012
The art of interrupting a play or event to run on stage and make it look as though you have breasts, by pulling shirt out to make breasts.
I was so bored at the play and decided to interrupt by running on stage and Faith Hilling everyone.
by IrishQ1988 April 06, 2012
When posing for a photograph, pulling out the chest of your shirt to make it look like you have boobs.
Tired of doing the same meme poses such as bunny ears, peace sign, doing the Tebow or planking, for pictures that would inevitably be uploaded online, Jim decided to caught everyone off guard by Faith Hilling and appearing to have an enormous rack.
by asneaxl March 28, 2012
Pulling out your shirt (or another person's shirt) to make it look like there are breasts.
I saw a pic of this dude "Faith Hilling".
by Prof. V. June 13, 2012

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