Taylor Swift is an American singer songwriter. She started out as a country musician, but now she's a pop star. She has recieved some criticism because her songs are said to talk only about boys, but her album sales and popularity have gone up nonetheless. She was mainly criticized because of the sexism of heteronormative society, who shat on her because she had feelings and because of what she looked like. She has, however, evolved from that criticism and learned to Shake it off
Guy 1: Yo, what's that sick beat I hear on the radio?
Guy 2: That's Shake it off.
Guy 3: Isn't that from that chick who used to cry over Joe Jonas? Taylor Swift?
Guy 2: Dude, she's fly. If only you stopped judging people based on who they used to date and what they did like, five years ago, you'd enjoy way more stuff
Guy 1: Praise it.
by meawingaround July 26, 2015
A wanna-be country singer who just writes a catchy little pop song and digitally adds banjos and fiddles. Also someone who I used to listen to when I young until my father started playing his favorite bands.
Radio: It's been a hard day's night
And I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night
I should be sleeping like a log~

12 year old me: *looks at ipod full of taylor swift and disney stars*

12 year old me: Fuck this shit *throws over shoulder*
by cutoffattheknees December 23, 2012
tall, skinny, blond, white girl with a cat face. has many boyfriends. sings about ex boyfriends. still not a slut.
by kengelica April 04, 2013
Not wanting to miss out on seeing your friends in a bar, you pop in for 1 drink despite being incredibly busy.
Dave on the phone: "Mate come down to the Jolly Nags Chariot & Monkey Castle, everyone's here!"
You: "Can't mate, got shit loads on at the moment."
Dave on the phone: "Come on! Just a Taylor Swift."
by Pig Treat July 13, 2013
A country singer with a reputation of getting hurt by guys and then writing songs about them as revenge because she's too scared to face them.
Note- she said she'd lie about her crush, and thinks burning pictures is sweet revenge. Lame.
Girl 1- I'm so mad that Justin doesn't see the fact that i'm way better than his off-and-on girl friends. He BELONGS WITH ME.
Girl 2- Oh don't pull a "Taylor swift"
by Krisizzle June 13, 2012
An excuse for a country singer.
All of Taylor Swift's songs.
by careless shooting anonymous March 31, 2013
Probobly the annoyingest female singer of this generation. Legally an adult but has the mentality of a middle schooler, she needs to shut the fuck up and grow up.
Person 1: Whos this ugly country singer with no ass or tits dating almost every other famous guy whos atleast several years younger and then writes songs about her devasting heartbreak after they break up?

Person 2: Taylor Swift
by taylorsawhore January 05, 2013

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