Taylor's are caring and loving. They have big hearts and are usually extremely sensative, even if they might not show it. Taylor's are also very good looking and have nice bodies. Taylor is also very successful when it comes to guys and flirting.They have a good sense of style and have nice hair. Taylor's often cause people to stare because of their nice figures and pretty faces. Taylor is a very funny person and will make you laugh. If you know a Taylor, make sure that you never let her go because she is an extremely loving friend.
Person 1: Wow, that girl is stunning! Is she a model?
Person 2: No! That's just Taylor, being amazing as always.
by blabla777 July 27, 2011
Taylor: Noun
The most perfect girl I've ever met. She's mah best frann and girl. She gives great kisses. She understands me like no one does. I'm completly in love with this beautiful creature. I love holding her all the time. Her voice is soo cute. She has the most tiniest hands ever. I love it! She ticklish on some days. I love when she is. I can't wait to live the rest of my days with her.
I love Taylor.
by Lalalalololol August 07, 2011

Taylor is a beautiful strong minded girl,

She may be one of the most beauitful girls on the out side, But on the inside a Taylor is even better.. She is set on trying to make other people feel better. Also, Taylors lack self confedence, They tend to think of them selves below of what they should, Also, Taylors tend to have many friends, Alot of guy friend to be exact. but she Does have crushes but doesnt tend to fall in love much, So if a taylor does like her be you, Keep her.

They hate people who lie, cheat, or steal,

They can not stand immature people
They hate when people call them " hot" they Would much rather be called beauitful.
Whoa, That girl is outstanding!
Wow.. She must be a Taylor
by Kaka91829182 June 24, 2011
Taylor's are often funny, smart & outgoing. They don't give a shit what others think of them. If you befriend a Taylor, you may just fall in love. Taylor's usually fall for one person & stick with that person for a long time. Blonde Taylors are the funnest Taylors. They're great in bed, kinky, great kissers & fiesty when you get them mad. Be careful; Taylors can be clusmy, but once they're pissed they can really throw a punch. If you meet a Taylor, you're in for a treat.
Person #1; That girl is so much fun! No wonder her name is Taylor.
by AriannaKittenBytch August 19, 2011
A gorgeous, funny, care-free, fun-to-be-with girl that will have your back no matter what happens. She's a really good friend, and is really outgoing. She'll make you laugh but will also be serious. Taylor can be unorganized and messy, but who cares. Overall, Taylor's easy to love and fun to be with!
Oh girrlll, Taylor is FUNNY!
by Pink Pink 12 April 17, 2011
An average looking person. intelligent girl, she may see quite on the outside but on the inside she is ready to party hard and have a great time. Can be very sarcastic. Brunette Taylors are the best since they are taken more seriously. If you should ever meet a Taylor Dont ever take that chance for granted. Can tend to easily fall for people, but falling in love takes very much. And she kicks ass if you ever hurt her friends
Person: Did you see what he/she did, PULLED such a Taylor move last night.
by cantbefurreal December 08, 2010
Can be very hyper at times. Likes badminton. Can be hyper because of something that happened days ago. Insanely awsome. Loves hugs. Can sometimes of the nickname of tay or boo.
Hey taylor what going on today
by blondiemay May 02, 2011

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