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2 definitions by janebtrox

Okay singer. She does write all her own songs, but they are mostly about the same thing. She has a nice voice. All her songs are catergorized as country but are really pop. I don't know why are these people are saying she's a good role model because all she does is sing about guys. She is nice and funny. A lot of idiotic girls now hate her because she dates Taylor Lautner. I don't think she's deserved as many awards as she's gotten, but she is a good person.
Have you heard the song Love Story by Taylor Swift?
Yeah, it's pretty good. But definately not country.
by janebtrox February 03, 2010
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No plot what so ever. I am a teenage girl and I think this book is stupid. You can't compare it to Harry Potter, which is actual literature. Anyone who obsesses over this book is insane. Meyer has written better (ex. The Host). If you are considering reading this series, don't do it. I don't care if everyone else is, it's idiotic. Only read it to rightfully complain about it. Bella's plain and boring. There's way too many cliches. You like romance? Go find some Jane Austin.
OMG! Twilight is so amazing!!!
Have you read The Host?
Go read it.
*later in time*
Did you finally read The Host?
Yes and it was so much better than Twilight!
Exactly because Meyer took the time to write and it actually has a plot.
by janebtrox February 03, 2010
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