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A pretty, smart girl who has a very high level of intellect but doesn't like to show it because she doesn't want to seem snobby.
Her innermost darkest secret is hat she's self injerous.
She may brush her feelings to the side in front of other people, but she takes all opinions to heart. If is upse, she will take it out on herself. She wants everyone to be happy, but she puts others before herself in many instances.
you are tatyana`
by oooooooshaoosh May 10, 2011
a variant of Tatiana (Russian, Latin). means "The queen of fairies." generally very attractive, nice girl. has a somewhat dark humor; to tickle buttholes.
"thats one hot tatyana"
"would you like me to tatyana you?"
by Albech November 01, 2009
A girl who is very sassy, smart, outgoing, and most of the time, confident.

She seems strong and bold to those all around, but at home, she's viewed as sensitive.

Family and friends are blind to her real emotions
My name is Tatyana
by ReallyMe March 27, 2015
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