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Another word for those known as scallies, chavs, charvers, spides, etc. This word originated in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and is derived from 'Council Estate - Head', though another theory on the origins of the word suggest it may have originated from the fact that the head of your average chav is about akin to a potato in intelligence, though this is less likely. The word was first heard to be used by a rather middle class young lad by the name of J. Moate.
'Bloody 'ell, let's go t't next bus stop, this 'uns full 'ot tateheads'
by Xzamuel December 27, 2004
1 Word related to Tatehead
tatehead: a.k.a. : Chav, Charver, Tosh, Kev, Ned, Scally, Townie, Barry, (female: kappa slappa)

etc etc etc
I got beaten up by a herd of tateheads last week.
by Nosferatu December 28, 2004

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