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Tastee has one of 3 (three) definitions, and all are applicable depending on your specific situation.

1. If you're a female, a Tastee is another female friend that is particularly down for anything. She is one of your most fun, care-free and spontaneous friends.
2. When out in a public place, a Tastee can be an attractive individual of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on what you're into) across the bar.
3. As this is the most commonly used version of the term, this is the definition people use to describe someone they are consistently hooking up with but not officially dating. After an introduction of "Tastee", it's then universally known by everyone that you're together, but not "together". If the relationship progresses even further to an exclusive dating relationship, that person is no longer a Tastee, but rather a girlfriend/boyfriend. As current dating trends show people are seeing each other more casually, this term is perfect for describing a relationship in its infancy without putting pressure on it.
Definition 1: "Hey Tastee... I know it's 2 a.m., but do you want to go to the strip club?" "Fuck yeah!"
Definition 2: "Hey, LJ, look at that Tastee across the bar over there." "Oh, yeah, he is pretty Tastee."
Definition 3: "Hey, everyone, this is my Tastee, LJ. We started hanging out 3 weeks ago."
by Tastee J June 12, 2013
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A girl who is incredibly attractive, to the point that you would eat her if she was a fruit.
"Damn that honey is fly"
"No brotha man that fine bitch is tastee!"
by Aaron Lynn April 03, 2003
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Tastees is a rice, baked snack product in the UK.Tastees is similar to Twisties in other countries.
Tastees is a cheese flavour
Tastees - If you want Tasty, Taste Tastees
by Theparade August 13, 2008
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Tastees is a new Snack in the UK. Made from rice,baked not fried.Tastees is a crunchy, cheese snack
Tastees are exactly the same product as Twistees, only the name is different. Tastees taste very similar to Twisties.
by The twister August 20, 2008
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