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Having an orgy with people of every ethnicity.
I want to move to America so I can taste the rainbow.
by jmaniam August 02, 2011
10 25
Shoving Skittles up an ass with your dick, and then sucking them out.
I was going to taste the rainbow, but AM/PM raised candy prices to a dollar and I only had 75 cents.
by Jak Steele June 19, 2010
6 21
1)An extraordinary brotherhood of an amazing drumline. (usually very attractive to girls and gay males).2)Each member has a secret color code name. (i.e- Red, Yellow..ect.) 3)Girls enjoy swooning over them.
Girl 1: "My oh my, the Rainbow is just totally rad."
Gay Guy 1: "Gee wizz! i could just Taste The Rainbow!"
Girl 2: "Oh yes! Red appears to be quite scrumptious this evening!"
Girl 3: "And Yellow!!!, he looks so marvvy!" *bats eyelashes*
by fancytalkers:) November 05, 2010
9 25
a sex position that is similer to 69 but doing a back bend at the same time to simulate a rainbow.
omg dude me nd my girlfriend did taste the rainbow last night it was fuckin awsome
by A7X_syn013 April 19, 2009
6 23
Act of eating a woman out while she is on her period.
Unable to control his blood fetish gary tasted sally's rainbow.
by John March 17, 2005
160 178
A sexual act with a guy on a high school drumline rainbow. It only counts if he's REALLY sexy!
Lilly: "I can't believe you got to taste the rainbow!"

Eloise: "I know, I'm lucky, right?"
by MissSky February 04, 2010
4 24
while most of you are correct in that it is when you eat a girl out while she is on her period you are forgetting one very important step. Whilst you eat her perioding vagina out, she needs to give you head, and as soon as you cum in her mouth, you kiss her and mix the two
My girlfriend is really kinky. Last night she made me taste the rainbow
by Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle August 01, 2008
14 36