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1. The sexiest people you'll ever meet. ( rainbow , taste the rainbow )

Usually made up of guys, but sometimes girls.

Band directors blame them for everything, and sometimes joke about their stupidity and their unability (Yeah, I know that's not a word) to read music. This is very rarely true.

Kick ass.

2. A dumb Nick Cannon movie. Everyone in marching band (esp. drummers!) is required to watch it and hate on it. :p
I know, your drumline is SO SEXY!
by MissSky May 26, 2010
Pretty self explanatory. A drumline made up entirely of super hot guys. Usually in a high school, sometimes found in a college.
Girl 1: "Do you have the stalker photos?"

Girl 2: "You mean the ones of the yumline? Of course!"

Both: *giggle* I wanna taste that rainbow!

Girl 1: "Yum, yum!"

Girl 2: "OM NOM NOM!"

Both: *giggle*
by MissSky May 26, 2010
A sexual act with a guy on a high school drumline rainbow. It only counts if he's REALLY sexy!
Lilly: "I can't believe you got to taste the rainbow!"

Eloise: "I know, I'm lucky, right?"
by MissSky February 04, 2010

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