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Eloise is amazing, but very crazy at the same time. slightly on the blondie side but she is wicked. even though she can be a control freak. we all love her. loves singing songs from the musicals. outloud, in every possible place.
OMG she is so totally doing an Eloise!
by AnnaBananaLionKing October 14, 2007
an amzingly awesome person who is never inconciderate
shes so nice, must be eloise
by yiewwwww August 23, 2008
A beautiful, loving person. Almost every guy stares at her butt and she never notices it! Her dream guy is called "Ethan". He completes her. They are perfect together.
Eloise and Ethan are PERFECT for each other!
by qjsabbeq May 14, 2015
my hero, she saved me from death. an amazing girl. love her and her organised ways.
* eloise blows* it wont come off!!
*eloise pulls it out of my arm*
by the little ginger fairy August 09, 2008
An kind but shy person, someone that likes to keep quiet but its hard in a classroom full of bitchy snobs.
If you were to say why does she have to be such an Eloise it means never interact or speak and or likes people but does not have the skills to go up to them and explain.This term is aimed at girls,but they are not nerds they don't have braces or glasses well some may but they could just not wont to get into the drama of school.
That girl is such an Eloise.
by Ella the star cat! March 25, 2016
Beautiful, kind, caring, artistic, wonderful and amazing girl! Everyone loves her and thinks she is perfect. People love being around her because of her very feminine charm.
Hey, did you see the new girl?
Yeah! She's such an Eloise!
by eff.youu. December 10, 2010
A girl who will always bring a smile to your face no matter what. Her sarcastic ways make her more endearing but she is not a strong as she makes out. Unknowingly beautiful and full of charm.
wow she's a real Eloise.
by brooke527 April 11, 2011
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