Tasia is a nice, cool, pretty funny girl! She's a great friend and always makes people laugh. She also has a very out unique and cool name. :)
Tasia is a awesome cool funny and pretty friend. :)l
by mirandaisawesome November 02, 2013
Top Definition
Tha Most Beautiful Woman On Tha Face Of Tha Earth
Tasia S.
Tha One And Only
by Adrian Fundillo April 21, 2005
A woman who is passionate, driven, determined, has an open heart and would do anything for the people she loves. A dynamite lover who brings you past the peaks of ecstasy in ways you couldn't imagine.
Carl: Look at the drive in her. She must be a Tasia.
by ootwpcs March 16, 2010
a person who smokes alot of pot in a hobbit shack.
when i grow up i wanna be just like my dad a tasia.
by lip stick girll August 08, 2008
The most evil teeny bopper ever to walk the earth. Her name sounds like she is a big black women when actually she is a skinny white girl. Also know as satan, tasia malaysia, lucipher, princess of evil, and Trailer Park slut of Colfax
"Look away children, Tasia lives there and if you look at her you will turn into a dirty no good whore," said Grandpa
by Rollin' ROn April 28, 2005
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